My English Biography

Here you have your language biography. You just have to answer yes or no to self-evaluate yourself(honestly) to know which level you have according to European standards .

Listening                                                                                                                   End of Year

In class I understand the teacher´s instructions about the activities we do and the expressions about personal information or familiar topics. >>

I can understand usual and basic expressions about everyday topics, if the pronunciation is paused and clear. >>

I can understand key information in short recordings, if the topics are familiar to me and the pronunciation is clear. >>

I can understand the topic in conversations and the general meaning in short and clear messages between native speakers at school, in the street or on the Tv and films >>


I understand short and simple texts, reading sentence by sentence, recognizing basic words and re-reading everything I need.

I understand the book´s instructions and other didactic material about the activities done in class.

I understand basic texts(street posters, business, institutions, names of places,…) if they refer to things I know.

I understand short personal texts(letters, e-mails, postcards,etc) and public ones(instructions, advertisements, a holiday leaflet,etc.)

I can get the information I need from more complicated texts such as websites and blogs.


I can communicate with my classmates and my teacher using short dialogues, following the models of the lessons if they refer to everyday topics.

I use expressions that appear in the unit and the meaning of which I learnt. I can greet, ask how a person is, ask for information,etc.

I can maintain short dialogues with my classmate and teacher. I can act out easy role-plays.

I can say what I like and what I don´t.

I can understand native speakers talking about activities and places to go.

I understand everyday conversations.

I can participate in everyday conversations.


I can give information and ask about activities done in class. I can also speak about personal information(residence, interests)

I speak when they tell me to, and most of the time, before talking I have to think how to do it.

It sometimes takes me a while to form sentences and I often have to repeat them so they can understand me.

I can repeat a poem or song lyrics.

I can describe my house,my school, my pet and my friends.

I can use short and simple sentences to express myself.


I can fill in forms(hotel check-in,…) with personal information(name,dates, addresses, nationality)

I can write simple postcards or send short messages to friends or family or classmates(mobile,e-mail)

I write with simple words and sentences, I use the dictionary or ask what I don´t know.

I can write simple messages and notes.

I can write short personal letters to a friend or to a member of my family

I can write short texts about my house, my school, my likes and dislikes, a concert, my holidays, etc. At the moment, I can only use short sentences and sometimes I cannot spell words correctly.